Covid Crisis Support

The Current Covid-19 Problem.

Covid-19 is having a huge impact on some of our customers in Local Councils and we have been working to respond to their need as to how they might moveemployees quickly into alternative roles on a secondment basis. This may include being physically on site or working remotely.

The aim is to protect essential core operating servicesin a time where staff numbers have reduced due to people with medical conditions or other special circumstances having to self-isolate, during the coronavirus period.

Typical essential services might include traffic coordination and traffic lights to assist emergency services, emergency repair work and health and safety maintenance to council homes and properties, collection of recycling and waste bins from households, ensuring a capacity of HGV-licensed drivers, crematorium and burial services, essential janitorial and school meal provision services, and essential health, environmental protection and trading standards services along with some of the new government commitments identified in the past days during the Prime Minister’s daily briefings.

Actions also need to be taken to consider the health, safety and well-being of both tenants and residents who are self-isolating, and for operational staff who are in public-facing roles.

What can Match-Jobs do?
While organisations may reduce non-essential work many areas of business must carry on but may have less staff. Our aim is to fill essential staff positions swiftly with the most compatible staff available from other positions which are not as essential.

To do this, we use the Interim Projects section of Match Jobs which manages the placement of part time secondees to short term vacancies, as follows:

  1. Add all staff a to the system along with their interests, skills, qualifications, contracted hours etc.
  2. This can be done by transfer from other systems holding this data or each member of staff can log in to a secure portal and add their data.
  3. The system can report on any additional training required by the staff in the system
  4. Administrators can enter a vacancy and run a crisis match on all staff in the system.
  5. This takes around 1 minute per 1000 staff members and provides a ranked list of your available staff based on how closely they match your criteria for the vacancy.
  6. From this list admins and /or line managers can select a member of staff for a placement and move them into the vacancy for the secondment period with follow up on how they are progressing at regular intervals.

To use the system, staff are given log ins, and they can interact with the system online from work or home, with alerts by email at each stage. HR Administrators can operate the matching process and can involve Line Managers as required. To find out more please visit Match-Jobs.