Standard Terms and conditions

These are the general terms and conditions under which AES Digital Solutions Ltd. conducts business. Where a client has not signed a formal contract with AES Digital Solutions Ltd., these T&C apply. Where an agreement covering these issues is signed, the terms and conditions of that contract will replace these.

It is a condition of employing the services of AES Digital Solutions Ltd. that these default terms and conditions cover all instances related to our work for clients except where a contract or written agreement varying them has been signed.

In a web site the client owns the rights to the data supplied by the client which we would use to build the web site. Similarly the client owns the rights to any text and pictures which the client has produced for the purposes of our authoring a brochure, interactive CD or other media or IT product.

In a web application such as a Software as a Service product. The client owns copyright to the data uploaded by the client during the operation of the web application.

AES Digital Solutions Ltd. owns the IP/ copyright to the design of all software and media products and to the source code for all its web applications and media solutions for example the look and feel of an interactive CD and the JAVASCRIPT, PHP, HTML and other codes (excepting the those copyrighted by third parties eg Microsoft™, Adobe™ etc ) used to design a web site or other software product. We also reserve the copyright to the format and layout of brochures documents and videos developed by AES Digital Solutions Ltd.

So…while the content remains the copyright of the client the layout and positioning and code to deliver that content is the property of AES Digital Solutions Ltd. We maintain this approach to copyright for three reasons:

  1. It reduces the cost to the client not having to buy source code or copyright from us.
  2. It protects the client because AES Ltd have no right to publish the client’s own material without permission (copyright on the original information).
  3. There are situations where AES develops complex code which is confidential to AES Digital Solutions Ltd. and which if disclosed to another supplier of a client might disadvantage AES Digital Solutions Ltd.

If the client’s requirement is for a web site or web application such as a Software as a Service system, hosted by AES Digital Solutions Ltd. we will provide regular backups to secure the client’s data.

If the client prefers to host our web application on their own servers, it is the responsibility of the client to regularly backup their server including our web application.

Note that closing down operations may be a chargeable activity. On request we can supply a price for provision of web site code, purchase of source code (where this is not AES Digital Solutions Ltd company confidential) for use with other suppliers, or prices for use of designs and layouts or to cover the copyright of production of software items by other suppliers.

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