Our specialist software range is developed in house, by an expert team. We develop systems for global companies as well as for local government and for Not For Profits.

Aes’s database driven web applications and our interfacing capabilities provide leading edge solutions for clients. Customers can have high quality, cost effective solutions that work that work to improve your bottom line. Our expertise in specialist software design helps us develop tailor-made systems, where required.


Specialist Software available

AES specialist software around the Globe
Careers LinkUp Specialist Software

Careers Linkup

Is a system for single schools or groups of schools. Staff and local employers can support students by providing career related opportunities and events. This helps students to find out about the world of work through their interests, abilities and skills. Read more…

PIMS Placement Management Specialist Software

Placement / Internship Management System (PIMS)

This is a system for colleges and universities and their partner companies. It helps students to gain placements or internships based on their career interests, abilities and their courses.Read more…

Careers LinkUp Specialist Software

Careers Interests

This is a system for schools and colleges and adult learners/apprentices. It can analyse your learners’ preferences for specific career areas and allows them to investigate jobs in their preferred areas. Read more…

CAMS-specialist Software


This is CRM specialist software for food, flavors, fragrances and chemical manufacturers. CAMS is capable of much more than a standard CRM. You can manage more aspects of your business because CAMS also has built-in project management and sampling modules. CAMS lets you to understand how customers see and use your business. It provides you with vital information that can be shared across your business. Read more…

FMS - Specialist Software


FMS is our formula and recipe management system. Recipes and formulas are some of the most valuable assets that your business owns. FMS allows your formulas and recipes to be stored and maintained securely. You can create samples and develop new formulas. This specialist software saves money and impacts the bottom line profitability of your business. Read more…

VMS-specialist Software


The Vendor Management specialist software puts you at the centre of your supply world. It can be integrated with CAMS and FMS. You can manage vendor relationships and interactions ensuring cost effective purchasing on a local or global scale. With VMS your customers can be assured that you have an effective supply chain management system. They know that you can provide to their specifications irrespective of location or product. Read more…

Match Jobs Specialist Software


Managing and redeploying staff has a huge cost for all organisations. In the current economic climate there are challenges for staffing local authorities and other organisations. They need to make financial savings, support staff and meet the needs of customers. Match Jobs is developed specifically for this purpose. It allows you to manage your staff to heighten their job security, whilst also saving you significant amounts of money. For further information read our case studies. Read more…

Match Jobs NHS - Specialist Software

Match-Jobs for NHS Trusts

Quickly and easily recruit and match staff to temporary or full time roles with this system. It also helps you operate your own efficient, low cost, internal agency. This helps you cover staff illness, maternity, crisis, and to respond to demands on your hospital or local NHS Trust. Match Jobs is well received by employees, managers and unions. It is a transparent way to ensure that the right pegs fit all your organisational roles. Read more…

Volunteer Management - Specialist Software

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management helps you recruit and manage volunteers for your organisation. The system supports resourcing more positive outcomes with reduced financial resource. This is scalable for use by any size organisation. It can also be used to share information and manage volunteering activities on a much broader scale. A typical example would be community volunteering or volunteering in a hospital or museum.Read more…

Cams-CRM - Specialist Software

CAMS CRM for sales and marketing.

This version of CAMS is designed for general use in a wide range businesses. Do you need to interact with your prospects and customers, record outcomes and promote products and services? This is the platform for you. In addition, the built-in data warehouse lets you business to report on income, successes and productivity. Read more…

CAMSLite CRM - Specialist Software


This is a version for SMEs, “not for profits” or single departments in local government. It is designed for general use by sales, customer services and management staff. Use it to track interactions with your prospects and customers and to record outcomes and payments etc. It also lets you report on income, expenditure, sales successes and fails as well as productivity. Read more…

Match Rooms - Specialist Software

Match Rooms

Lets you allocate rooms plus resources, pod meetings and hot-desking spaces. This is through a single system across all your sites. Bookings can be made by system admins or by staff who can self-book any of these items. Reminders can be sent to selected contacts. The system protects against double booking and admins can change bookings if necessary. Read more…

Text sending Specialist Software

Timely Texts

With TimelyTexts, organisations can quickly and easily send text messages and emails to their customers, patients or students. It is ideal for newsletters, reminders, customer relations and promotional messages. Read more…

IOT Specialist Software

JIGSAW Hi Tech Development System

JIGSAW provides the data hub for your IoT products. You can combine a range of modules including finance, sales and customer services. It can access your distributors and end users. It’s able to support planning, manufacturing, ordering and dispatch. Jigsaw can also integrate with smart phone apps for products that need connectivity or monitoring. Read more…



This is a software suite for a manufacturer of Hi-tech medical devices. It is primarily for products related to the Internet of things (IOT). The software covers all aspects of manufacture, ordering and sales. It also handles upload of patient data for the medical device. Users can analyse outcomes for all patients. The software also has a wide range of reporting features. Read more…

workloader management Specialist Software


Workloader helps you keep track of what is happening with a portfolio of projects. These can be in planning or underway for your business. It helps you manage and report on the use of resources including staffing. Read more…

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