AES Digital’s Solutions

We develop solutions for small, medium or global companies as well as for local government and for Not-For-Profits. Essentially, we enjoy problem-solving, and it is often the complexity of a problem that attracts us to it, rather than the size of business.

Start-ups and small to medium sized businesses

We provide support and solutions to several medium, small or start-up businesses, from mentoring and consultancy through to system design, all related to the nature of the problems each organisation.

Large global corporates

Even these large companies have problems which they need solving. From designing several paper and electronic teaching packages for use in schools and colleges for a large steel making corporation, through to developing enterprise level formulation management software in use in 30+ countries for one of the world’s largest flavor and fragrance companies, AES have provided solutions that solve diverse and often multiple problems such companies have.

Local government

Over the last decade, Local government in the UK has experienced problems with austerity, by which they have a reduction of funding. The implications of this have led many councils to reduce staffing by making employees redundant.
One of the problems that AES has focused on solving is how to fit staff from positions that are likely to disappear to secure posts which they are best suited to. Our solution has saved £100M in redundancy payments, re-hires, and use of agency staff for one council by analyzing every position freed by natural wastage against the qualities of each of the existing workforce.


Such organisations have their focus on their cash flow, and generally expect great value for money or return on investment for any project that they need resolving. AES  has  provided several  low cost systems to help improve staffing through recruitment and management of  volunteers, and actively commits to supporting NFPs with  innovative quality solutions at cost effective prices.

One-stop solutions

As part of any solution AES also considers the management of change, training, and support for staff and/or end users. We’re also happy to help organisations manage their projects by setting milestones that help measure progress, along with frequent reporting to the  responsible staff in the  organization.


Innovation using technology is key to providing easy to use solutions, so as well as providing consultancy to our customers, AES design and develop innovative solutions across a range of technological areas including the Internet of Things, Smartphone Apps and Online web-based Software, offered as Software as a Service.

If you haven’t already, please read our customer playbook.