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Match-Jobs for internal use.
Match-Jobs is a future proofed Software system primarily used by local Councils,
private companies and charitable organisations where maintaining the quality of
Staff is essential to the business, and at the same time it is necessary to make
efficiencies by reducing expenditure on staff. Local councils in the UK have saved many millions of pounds sterling, while saving staff jobs by moving staff
between posts, instead of making redundancies with their associated costs.

When Jobs become available you can match the requirements of each job to the capabilities, attitudes and experience of the staff who may be ideal candidates.
Match-Jobs for external use.
As a result of listening to customers, we have now updated the software so that
it can also be used for frontline recruitment. The same information can be used to
Review external candidates expressing interest in jobs. The update starts with a public facing website which lets interested parties find out about opportunities for your
organisation, apply for jobs and register interest in future jobs that they might match to.
Multi functional
Match-Jobs can be operated by a small team, and you can involve managers to manage
the whole interview process. You can run any against internal candidates, external candidates or both, or you can start with Internal candidates and progress to externals
based on the result of the initial matched group.
Matching capabilities
Match-Jobs can match candidates to both Jobs and to temporary roles, for example to fill a maternity leave, and can match availability of interns or apprentices for posts. It is possible to match against combinations of previous roles, experience, salary, skills, and also against the results of psychometric tests for competency in various ranges of jobs. Check out the features for more details.

View our Match-Jobs brochures and case studies to see how the system has been successfully implemented into Local Government organisations throughout the UK.
Also click here to view our “Protect and Save” message for leaders of organisations.

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