Timely Texts Software

Timelytexts™ are the clever way to avoid no-shows, when you operate an appointment system. Also if you need to update your customers or clients, sending a Timelytexts™ is the guaranteed way to get information right onto their mobile phone. You can send reminders, brief product updates or even lifestyle advice.

Did you know around 20% of all appointments in both businesses and in the health related services are missed each year, simply because the person coming for the appointment has forgotten.

Lets do the sums! If an appointment costs you tens of pounds in lost revenue, or in wasted staff time and you have just one forgotten appointments per day, then in some cases after just a couple of days, the Timelytexts™ service will have paid for its monthly costs.

We can provide a version of timely texts for your business, school, health or care service, quickly and efficiently. Why not call or click our contact form below to find out more.


  • Lets you create a range of messages on demand.
  • Lets you enter or upload your client mobile phone numbers and categorise them.
  • Sends them via SMS right to the phone of your customer, client, parent etc.
  • Can be sent as batches of personalised messages: eg to every one with an appointment today.
  • An optional addon to let your customers reply to your messages interactively.


  • Improves your ability to communicate
  • Reduces No Shows for appointments
  • Saves Valuable time
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Improves your bottom line
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