AES are always happy to discuss your requirements and help you decide whether we can help, or point you in the best direction for to achieve your goals. Read through the areas of support we offer below, and call us on 01642 366660 in the UK or email to start to see whether we could be the team that matches your requirements. See our customer playbook here for how we work with customers. We believe strongly in making relationships, whether with company’s down the road from our offices, or on the other side of the world. Our key to making relationships is to be available, fast responding and to deliver on time, to requirements.

We know that our customers work with us, not because of our company, but because they trust our people to deliver not just systems but also support, right across the board.

Support with Governance:

Governance is the system of processes, rules and developed practices that are used to manage organisations including educational institutions, Not c Companies. Corporate governance balances the interests of an organisations stakeholders, including shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the community, to improve outcomes for all.

Our senior team has experience in governance of organisations, as board members of a range of organisations that we work with, including schools, public organisations and interest groups. Whether as Non-Executive Director or as Governor, we bring a wealth of experience to bear to assist the smooth running of your organisation.

Whether tied into governance or separately on a project by project basis we can provide support for specific requirements including:

Business Planning, Consultancy and Advice:

Do you have business goals that you need support with, related to technology, IT, apps, web systems, or staff training, or you are looking for systems support in planning overseas developments? we can help with developing strategies and plans for achieving these. Having worked extensively in the Asia – Pacific region Europe and North America, we can easily set up systems that you can use with customers, and recommend contacts and suppliers in those areas.


We are happy to work with senior staff, as they develop their knowledge and skill set for current and future positions. Generally our approach is through face to face meetings where we can discuss business and management issues that they are working to develop. Often our mentoring is linked to request from one of the local universities or to other support organisations.


Quite a lot of business comes our way from customers who have not achieved their expected outcomes when working with other suppliers, or their supply chain for projects and activities involving technology being implemented in the UK or overseas.

If it is important to audit the work of contractors or your suppliers against your project criteria, and report back on any issues and the steps that can be taken to remedy them, or to examine a quotation and comment on its cost effectiveness or quality of its recommended solution, and suggest missing elements, then our audit process will fit the bill and save you a packet.

Support with Change Management

During our work with large and small companies, councils, Not for Profits and education establishments, we often find that senior management has a clear requirement but it also needs staff and/ or unions to buy in to the new procedures needed for the improved ways of working,

We can provide documentation to explain the planned changes and present to staff and/or attend discussion sessions to explain the proposed requirements and benefits. We can do this face to face, remotely via webinar or by working with an internal team to cascade the information to your staff.

Education and Training

We develop learning resources for companies who want to provide positive and academically sound information to school and college students, or for community awareness. These can be in paper or web based and we are happy to run regional events to support distribution of these corporate resources.

If we are developing or project managing systems and web solutions for your organisation we can include resources for your staff or target audience, and arrange training of groups for projects we run. We are happy to provide face to face training, or via webinar, and we can offer to train your in-house trainers, so they can cascade training to larger numbers of staff.

IT Security & Privacy

We’re happy to discuss your plans for IT security and privacy for your staff and users in the UK, EU or US and to highlight best practice in keeping your systems secure. Whether this is related to the GDPR adopted in the UK and EU or what would be good practice if you have rolled out your systems to the USA and beyond

Project Management

While we provide management for projects that we are delivering, we are often invited to project manage separate projects for clients where they don’t have available staff. We can create a list of milestones and review how your supplier is performing during the project, reporting back to you on issues and successes to ensure a positive outcome.

Support for Users and Systems

We will provide you with all the help and support you need to get the best out of your systems. We can provide training to anyone using our systems to help maximise the outcome. Our team are also available to assist with any issues you are having in using our systems. We operate an online ticketing Helpdesk, and are happy for your team to contact us by phone and email. Usually we expect to respond in less than 2 hours with initial feedback, and if necessary an estimate of time needed to resolve the issue,

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