Workloader for Project Planning and Implementation

Workloader is a system that helps you resolve problems in early stage decision making about projects, and implementing selected projects them by sharing the work-load across suitably skilled staff, to ensure completion on time and on or under budget.

Product Overview

  • Lets you plan projects so you can decide at an early stage which ones to take forward.
  • Helps find the staffing resources you need for those projects.
  • Uses your workforce to self update on progress on a daily basis.


  • Outline projects and allocate staff and resources.
  • Compare and decide on project viability.
  • Create versions of projects to assist with decision making.
  • Sequence projects for implementation over particular timescales.
  • Check resource availability and match to a project
  • Staff involved in projects can contribute their hours worked on a daily basis.
  • Produces a wide range of reports and real time issues


  • Fast means of building “What If” project models.
  • Early stage project views assist feasibility studies for business planning.
  • review the result of project changes before implementing them gets better business sign on.
  • Matching staff by skills, location and availability shows gaps and delivery problems ahead of implementation.
  • Staff become actively involved in the success of the project.
  • Reporting enables the business to flag up issues as they arise and helps keep projects on track.


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