Career Interests

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Career Interests is developed for schools, colleges and adult learners. It can identify the types of careers that fit best with each student’s personality by providing a way to identify their innate job interests.
Students just log in to run a questionnaire which analyses their preferences and which then creates a report on the top career interests they have. Students can search a database of almost 700 careers to find out find which of these careers match skills and qualifications they have or are aiming for.

Each person’s career path will vary based on their interests and experiences, and our system allows users to identify the future careers that may interest them using a model based on a career personality assessment test. We use this model to identify the areas that map a person’s personality to the most appropriate career areas. We believe it is important that users can review their interests over time as they mature, and with our Career Interests system they are able to do just that.

Accessing Career Interests:
The system can be accessed on the go via a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The organisation buys an annual pass for its students who can use it to log-in to get a report on their most likely areas for future careers. They can download and print the report and share it with teachers, mentors or parents and use the report as a basis for finding more information about careers that they are directed to.

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