FMS – Formulation Management System

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FMS, AES Digital Solutions’ Formulation Management System brings together a number of configurable modules to provide a business management tool to match the needs and processes of companies in the food, beverage and ingredient industries who are looking for easy to use, cost effective solutions with an easy learning curve to improve communication, protect formulations and help manage ingredients / materials / packaging, recipes and product information globally all in real time.
FMS standard and optional modules include:

  • System Administration, including users and housekeeping.
  • Raw material management including ingredients, packaging, cost sets, and regulatory info.
  • Formula management for experimentals, manufacturing and in-customer applications.
  • Nutrition, allergens and labelling management tools.
  • Built in Data Warehouse with Special prebuilt reports and also “My Reports”.
  • Optional : Product library module and Sample Order Desk module.

Buying into FMS:
FMS is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) or via Corporate Licencing for installation on your own server. For minimal input from your IT team we suggest our SaaS option, hosted on secure servers for customers with back up and system management provided by our team alongside a helpdesk which pretty much operated 24/7. We can also provide configuration tailored to our customers exact needs. Plus we offer training on site or via webinar based modules.
We can also help with transfer of data to and from FMS using CSV or web services
To use FMS, users need to have access to a browser such as IE (version 11 or Edge) or the latest versions of either Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera.


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