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Match-Rooms Overview:

Match-Rooms lets you organise your organisation’s room allocations, pod meetings and hot-desking on a day to day basis, using a single system across all your locations.

Bookings can be made by system administrators or by staff with authorisation to self-book any of these items and bookings can be forwarded to selected contacts to remind them of the booking.

Double booking is protected against but admins can change bookings if the organisation deems it necessary.

Booking Rooms:
Match-Rooms allows you to book meeting rooms or conference rooms in any location in your business, and also lets you select resources required for use in that room.

The system operates in a single building or in multiple buildings in your organisation, and can be used across the buildings in all your businesses. It also lets you monitor room usage.

Any room with access to Wifi can optionally have smart panels added to view bookings and to register attendees for meetings in that room.

Booking Pods for meetings:
If required you can book pods or tables for meetings with small numbers of people. This depends on whether the system is set up to handle this option.
Booking hotdesk space for working:
If your company arranges hot desking for staff, then your admins or staff can find a desk and reserve it for future use.

Match-Rooms on the go:
The system can be accessed on the go via a laptop or tablet, or even on a smartphone. This means that bookings can be made by users with permission where-ever they are.

Linking to other systems:
Match rooms operates as a standalone system but we are always keen to discuss your needs and we can provide feedback on the feasibility of linked to other systems and of adding and legacy data from previous systems

Match-Rooms can be set to export report data in Excel spreadsheet format.

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