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Latest version: CAMS Lite
CAMSLite Overview:

CAMSLite lets smaller businesses benefit from the CAMS CRM, with a version which works with a smaller team, made up from users in sales, customer support, finance and admin. Users, as well as managing interventions with suppliers

CAMSLite allows you to track customers and prospects sales to help you understand how customers view and use your business, and it lets you identify how your sales team can respond to enquiries and how you can manage their diaries for the forthcoming month, quarter or year.

You can compare expected performance with actual performance, with sales lines, and with staff.

CAMSLite is designed for use by a wide range of small companies. Not for Profits and for single local government departments.

Developed from our longstanding CAMS system which is a future proofed Software system primarily used by Large Global Businesses.

It can be scaled to meet your needs, by upgrading to our CAMS CRM for Sales and Marketing.

You can use CAMSLite to manage your direct sales strategy or you can operate it as an on-demand system should people need to call your customer support team.
CAMSLite on the go:

The system can be accessed on the go via a laptop or tablet, or even on a smartphone. This means that data entered while on the road is recorded and can be shared with the team.
Linking to other systems:

CAMSLite operates as a standalone system but we are always keen to discuss your needs and we can provide feedback on the feasibility of linked to other systems and of adding legacy data from previous systems implementation.

CAMSLite can be set to export data in Excel spreadsheet format.

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