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Placement and Internships Management System (PIMS)
Product Overview:
PIMS is developed colleges and universities. The system can handle around 50,000 students on one secure cloud server. We can configure the system to your specific requirements and help with initial data loads to get you started as quickly as possible.

The purpose of this system is to help Colleges or universities manage their students placements and internships using a range of useful tools and techniques, including:

  • Logging local companies support for placements and identifying their staff who can act as placement managers or mentors.
  • Your administrators can set up all your students by year group, to add their profiles and upload their courses, career interests and attainment data, in preparation for finding placements.
  • When a company offers placements that their staff are able to support, your administrators can drill down into the employers requirements to identify how the placements may support your students’ career interests, and how they relate to your students’ course(s).
  • Once placement is offered it can be matched to your students and the system lets you contact students and companies to confirm options for the placement and to provide (if necessary) a shortlist for interviewing.

Accessing PIMS:
The system can be accessed on the go via a laptop, tablet, or smart-phone. We recommend the use of laptops for administrators or by managers overseeing the project.

PIMS has a student portal and a company portal so that students and employees can separately interact with the system, to view their data, to research companies and placements that they can matched to, and to view their activities to provide feedback.

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