Match-Jobs for NHS Trusts

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Match Jobs for internal use.
This version of Match-Jobs is a future proofed Software system primarily for use by Hospitals or NHS Trusts. It can help you manage your own team of temporary staff as an in-house agency. Accessing quality staff is essential to Hospitals who, at the same time, need to make efficiencies by reducing expenditure on staff, where-ever possible.
When temporary cover is required you can match the requirements of each job to the capabilities, skills and experience and availability of staff on your agency list.
Build your local temporary candidates list.
As a result of listening to customers, we have now updated the software so that it can also be used to recruit available staff looking for work. Interested parties log in via a public facing web site and submit their details, qualifications, experience and skills. After verification, they can be added to the list of potential candidates for temporary employment.
Multi functional
Match Jobs can be operated by a small team, and you can involve managers to manage Interviews when required. It is also possible to Use the system to find out whether any people on your list might prefer to move into full time employment.
Matching capabilities
It is possible to match against combinations of previous roles, experience, salary, skills, and also against specific qualifications depending on the post required.


View our brochure for this system and check out our version of Match Jobs successfully implemented into Local Government organisations throughout the UK.

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