AES and the Internet of Things

About the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (often called IoT) is the name given to systems of sensors, micro-processors and output devices which are managed by software to control, record or communicate information. It is called the IoT because many physical things can have these sensors, software, electronics and connectivity embedded to allow them to perform better.

For example, an old person living alone might have a smart kettle. While working like an ordinary kettle, it could record when it is turned on and relate the number of turn-ons and time between turn-ons to the normal pattern of use of its owner. If there is an abnormally long gap, the kettle could contact family members or carers via the internet to alert them to a possible problem with its owner.

Other examples of objects that can fall into the scope of IoT include connected security systems, thermostats, lights (home or office), alarm clocks, entertainment systems, smart fridges, vehicles etc..

AES has worked with the IoT since 1989, when we first designed and developed an electronics systems kit with sensors, processors and output devices, as part of a National 6 year-long British Steel “Micro-electronics in Schools” project.

IoT areas of interest for AES

We provide complete solutions for customers from consultancy through design to prototyping for proof of concept. If required we can liaise with your chosen casing designer and manufacturer. Much of our development work is based around Raspberry Pi or variations of Arduino.

Additionally, we can design specific sensors and output devices that work with most microprocessors.

Recent projects have involved remote sensing by data transfer and a range of entertainment modules for a large UK escape room (see below)

How to get involved with AES & IoT

If you have a great idea that you need developing, contact us or call 01642 366660. We always start with a meeting to find out more about your organisation and what you are aiming to achieve.

That initial meeting is usually free of charge. We’ll quite quickly come to a conclusion over what further support we can provide, what outcomes you might expect and what sort of timescales and costs would be involved. It may be that we need to conduct some research prior to the system design stage or proto typing stage.

Some Data transfer Projects for IoT using micro-controllers.

  • For an international business we developed a multiple sensor array using Raspberry Pis. Each of their cool rooms’ temperature was continually recorded in degrees C and transferred every 10 mins, via the internet to a central server for quality assurance purposes. The cost for the system was less than 1 third of their standard supplier’s cost.
  • For a property developer we developed an empty properties temperature sensor. This sends a text message when the temperature in the property falls below a set value so that the developer can take appropriate action.

Entertainment related IoT projects with micro-controllers

One Local company operates Escape rooms, and finds that IoT puzzles add greatly to the quality of the experience, and to their bottom line. As well as creating the IoT puzzles, we had to implement them so that they were resilient to user miss-treatment.

We also found that we needed to provide key backup components to replace damaged ones along with training the escape rooms staff in using, resetting and replacing items. For more information click here to request our IoT Case-Study


AES’ Innovation using technology is key to providing easy to use solutions, so as well as providing IoT Solutions, AES design and develop innovative solutions across a range of technological areas including Smartphone Apps and Online web-based Software, offered as Software as a Service.

If you haven’t already, please read our customer playbook.