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PPXWorks Overview:
Developed using our JIGSAW Hi-Tech Development structure as a full enterprise version, all in one software suite for a manufactuerer of Hi-tech medical devices, PPXWorks cover all aspects of manufacture including:

  • Manufacturing of product.
  • Stock management.
  • B2B ordering.
  • Sales.
  • Dispatch.
  • Support for returns.
  • Upload of patient data to the medical devices.
  • Analysis of results on patient by patient basis.

The system also covers a wide range of reporting and data warehousing to assist with business predications.
PPXWorks operates as Software as a Service to reduce the need for permanent in your distribution locations. Currently PPX handles 300+ users, and is capable of handling over 10000 patients during the current UK trialling phase.
PPXWorks on the go:
The system is currently best accessed via a laptop. This means that the therapy mask can be set up wherever there is an internet connection.
Linking to other systems:
PPXWorks is designed to upload and download to purpose designed finance packages like Sage 50, but it can be updated to include its own finance package, which may be more useful once the medical device which PPXWorks supports is exported to other currency zones.

While the medical device is programmed from PPXWorks using near-field Local communcations device, the local NF device itself works with to download from PPXWorks to program each medical device or uploads to PPXWorks to record the results of the therapy. Looking to the future PPXWorks may be updated to handle real time data transfer using Bluetooth technology.


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