CAMS CRM benefits

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CAMS CRM Benefits:

  • Scalable so you can expand quickly to add extra countries, Users, divisions, technical facilities and customers
  • Gives you real time reports
  • Improve traceability of customers, projects, enquiries and outcomes
  • Track income and expenditure by customer and project
  • Predict likely income or spend, and track customer growth
  • Organisations using CAMS confirm high levels of customer satisfaction from project outcomes and timeliness of support
  • Identify hotspots for the economy by market section or geographical region

Benefits for CAMS CRM with export and inward investment:

  • Record and identify companies currently exporting or considering export
  • Record overseas locations for export by company or amount exported
  • Identify and track foreign companies interested in inward investment

Other Benefits:

  • Collaborate between colleagues and affiliates.
  • Generate an income stream from sales of services or products

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