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CAMSLite Capabilities:
With our standard server implementation CAMSLite can be set to handle up to 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000, each customer can make multiple enquiries and each enquiry can have several outcomes. Team members can access all customers in shared mode so that any customer can be managed by the next available team member.

The system is capable of a wide range of reports which can be created by users and shared with colleagues, and we have a pricing structure that also provides a number of special reports which permit more complex analysis of data with drill downs.

Other Features.

  • We offer several pricing plans depending on your requirements which enable the system to be scalable.
  • Data transfer into the system can be instigated by admin super users. For premium level users.
  • The system can provide a range of automated emails keeping admins and customers up to date with their requests and outcomes.
  • The system is provided as SaaS on a secure server (ISO27001) in the cloud, we do have options (CAMS CRM) for systems that would operate on an in house server.
  • Users are individually password protected, and each log has a security profile to cover what they need to do.
  • On our higher level plans, your Super user can switch admins, and manage housekeeping data.
  • We include a data warehouse so that admins can create, run and share reports called My Reports to provide detail and quality information on usage.
  • Tracks customers, contacts, enquiries and interactions.
  • Sales, outcomes and performance reporting.

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