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Careers Linkup Capabilities:

With out standard server implementation Careers Linkup can be set to handle from 300 to 10,000 students, any number of company employees and each customer can make multiple enquiries and each enquiry can have several outcomes.

The system is capable of a wide range of reports which can be created by Admins and sharted with colleagues, plus special reports which permit more complex analysis of data with drill downs. It is feasible to output results related to student activities, events by company/employee and any associated improvements that the project conveys on the students, for dissemination to parents and OFSTED.

Other Features.

  • Data transfer into the system can be instigated by admin users from your psychometric provide.
  • The system can provide a range of automated emails keeping admins, employees and students up to date with their events and outcomes.
  • The system is provided as SaaS on a secure server (ISO27001) in the cloud.
  • Users are individually password protected, and each log on has a security profile to cover what they need to do.
  • The Super user can switch admins, and manage housekeeping data.
  • We include a date warehouse so that admins can create, run and share reports called My Reports to provide detail and quality information on usage.
  • The system can also allow students to explore the companies and employees available, and connect up with them if that feature is turned on.

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