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PPXWorks Capabilities:
Because the system is enterprise capable, it can be used across a number of countries. We would recommend that separate cloud servers be used in each legislative area. For example the requirments of say the US, UK and EU regions are different in terms of what data should be made available to government.

We have a strategy under consideration to provide the system in languages other than English should this be essential.

Also PPXWorks is capable of a wide range of reports which can be created by users and shared with colleagues, and we have a number of special reports which permit more complex analysis of data with drill downs.
Other Features.

  • Can be used for many patients across multiple customers.
  • Can handle multiple manufacturing sites.
  • Can include modules for:
    • Customers, distributors or end user ordering.
    • Manufacturing systems, stocking and dispatch.
    • Monitoring feedback direct from end users if required(Portal & smartphone needed.
    • Can help you manage B2B customers, Distributors and franchisees.
    • Could be updated to track Agent activity.
    • Data warehousing to report on all aspects of your system.
  • Comes with access to our HQ customer support via AES IT Help desk. (Which could be extended for key users in new territories).
  • Training provided for your admin team ready for “Go-Live”.
  • The system can provide a range of automated emails keeping admin and users up to date with their bookings.
  • The system is provided as SaaS on a secure server (ISO270001) in the cloud, (though additional servers may be required for overseas territories).
  • Users are individually password protected, and each log on has a security profile to cover what they need.
  • Your Super user Admins have access to control other users (eg customers).


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