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Career Interests is based on six personality types as shown below

These are:

  • Realistic – people here are doers.
  • Investigative – people who are thinkers.
  • Artistic – the creative people.
  • Social – people who get along with others and are helpers.
  • Enterprising – people who are persuaders.
  • Conventional – people who like to follow rules and are organisers.

When you take the assessment test students are asked to respond to a bank of questions about what things they prefer and what they dislike. Our software then analyses the users answers to give a score for each of the career areas above.

Once the assessment is completed, the student can download a report on your high scoring areas as a multipage PDF. This explains the sort of personality traits that the user may have, related to these career areas.

It also shows a sample of jobs that they might start to explore, as well as showing which career areas could be linked and which ones are unlikely to be related. See a sample of some high scoring areas in a user booklet opposite.

Careers Investigator Section:
This section lets a user look for careers that are in any of their high scoring career areas and / or in a job family that flagged up on their report. Each of the 650+ careers in the section can be selected, and will show a range of data including:

  • Job Description
  • Typical Salaries
  • Hours worked per week
  • Entry requirements
  • Likely necessary entry route
  • A link to even more details on the internet

It is feasible to search by career area and an entry route so that users can pull up a list of the jobs in a career area that they are interested in. It’s possible to select just those jobs that require degrees, apprenticeships, GCSEs, A-Levels or none. The system can handle equivalents to these qualifications.

Other Features:

  • It provides very detailed information on careers interests based on a range of reliable career areas, common in many countries.
  • Career Interests includes a quick and simple assessment tool to help users identify career aspirations.
  • Users can build their own personal list of interesting careers.
  • The assessment can be taken every 6 months if the user wishes, so that they get an outline of their results over time.
  • The system is GDPR compliant and provided as SaaS on a secure server (ISO27001) in the cloud.
  • Users are individually password protected, and can only see their own data.
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