FMS – Formulation Management System

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Raw Materials:

  • Global / location raw material numbering.
  • Global / multiple location ingredient costing.
  • Multiple vendor capability.
  • Raw materials approval process.
  • Optional functionality to help manage…
    • Data transfer to Regulatory / nutritional systems.
    • Data transfer for registered Raw Materials to Financial system.
    • Data field configuration to customer requirements.
    • Optional Supplier portal for upload of MSDS, TDS etc.


  • Global formula numbering with versioning.
  • Multiple level formulas.
  • Creation of application formulas in PDF format with company logo.
  • Multiple level formula access and display.
  • Total security for registered formulas re changes.
  • System security for view access for confidential formulas.
  • Data transfer to regulatory / nutritional systems.
  • Simulation facility.
  • Global replace.
  • Compare up to 3 formulas on screen at a time.
  • Formula history.
  • Sensory evaluation report creation.
  • Costing of formula ingredients / costing formulas including manufacturing.
  • Share formula.
  • Application evaluation.
  • Calculate losses.
  • Compare formulas.
  • Merge formulas.
  • Product library.
  • Sample library.
  • Formula Transfer.
  • Manufacturing instructions.
  • Version tracking.
  • Formula costing.
  • Application Formulation creation and pdf generation.
  • Data fields can be configured to customer requirements.
  • Optional Supplier Portal for upload of TDS, MSDS etc.


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