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Benefits for Internal usage

  • Dramatically reduce redundancies in your organisation through structured redeployment.
  • Potentially save your organisation millions (£) each year related to reduction in redundancy payments.
  • Maintaining staff reduces training requirements
  • The training needed can be provided by reducing the requirement for using recruitment agencies.
  • Provide added job security for your staff.
  • Organisations using Match-Jobs confirm high levels of candidate satisfaction from managers and high levels of job satisfaction for successful matched candidates.
  • Improve opportunities for staff with special requirements ( eg medical issues).
  • Improve opportunities for staff to explore job migration.

Benefits for external recruitment.

  • Run initial Filter on thousands of potential candidates in seconds.
  • Keep candidates interested in your organisation available for future jobs
  • Build a list of likely candidates outside your business.
  • Run detailed filtering on likely candidates, and compare them with your internal candidates to find the best people for your jobs.

Benefits for collaboration

  • Include all departments in your organisation.
  • Collaborate by providing a service for your colleague organisations.
  • Optionally move staff between local organisations who use the system.
  • Generate an income stream from the above ways of working
  • Added job security and job satisfaction for your staff.
  • Gain discounts from longer contract length and sharing information with colleague organisations.


View our Match-Jobs brochures and case studies to see how the system has been successfully implemented into Local Government organisations throughout the UK.

Also click here to view our “Protect and Save” message for leaders of organisations.

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