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Match-Jobs is capable of matching, scoring, and ranking over 2000 candidates for
a job in less than a couple of minutes, and it can then send an email or text to anyone that meets your requirements in seconds, so they can confirm interest.

Many organisations tell us that using Psychometrics for recruitment, provides an additional degree of certainty that the candidate selected will be the best fit for the available position, while some organisations feel that integrating multiple existing matching criteria works best for them.
Other Features.

  • The system operates as a core managed by a central team, with optional portals for employees, managers and an optional public facing website for external candidates.
  • It is scalable for all sizes of organisations.
  • We can configure the system to your specific needs.
  • Upload candidate, Job and other data from Spreadsheets, FTP or optionally by Direct transfer between systems.
  • The system provides a range of automated emails keeping candidates and managers up to date with each stage of the processes for full time or temporary recruitment or redeployment.
  • The system is provided on a secure server (ISO27001) and is individually password protected , and each log on has a security profile to cover what they need to do.
  • Super user can switch admins, and manage housekeeping data.
  • We include a data warehouse so that admins can create, run and share reports called My Reports alongside a library of purpose designed Special Reports to provide detail and quality information on usage.


View our Match-Jobs brochures and case studies to see how the system has been successfully implemented into Local Government organisations throughout the UK.
Also click here to view our “Protect and Save” message for leaders of organisations.

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