Match-Jobs for NHS Trusts

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  • Make significant savings over outsourcing to agencies.
  • Potentially save your Trust many Thousands (£) each year.
  • Organisations using Match Jobs confirm high levels of satisfaction from
    managers and high levels of job satisfaction for successful temporary staff.
  • Easily managed by a small team.
  • Lets you maintain a register of short term staff and their availability.
  • Can be easily updated to handle full time staffing.
  • Run initial Filter on thousands of potential candidates in seconds.
  • Keep candidates interested in your Trust available for future jobs.
  • Build a list of likely candidates outside your business.

Benefits for collaboration

  • Include all departments in your Trust.
  • Collaborate by providing a service for your colleague organisations.
  • Optionally place staff between local organisations who use the system.
  • Potentially generate an income stream from the above ways of working.
  • Gain discounts from longer contract length for using the system and for promoting to colleague organisations.


View our brochure for this system and check out our version of Match Jobs successfully implemented into Local Government organisations throughout the UK.

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