Digital Solutions for Sight

Polyphotonix, based in the North East UK have developed a mask that shines green light into the eye. The Noctura 400 eye mask, which patients wear at night while they sleep, emits a low-level green light through the eyelids which mimics daylight.

Althought the light initially appears bright, the eyes quickly adjust. The mask interferes with the process that usually causes the eye to produce new blood vessels when it gets dark.

While this tissue growth is beneficial for those people without diabetes, in those with diabetic retinopathy it increases the production of smaller blood vessels prone to damage and swelling which contributes to loss of vision. Until now, diabetic retinopathy has been treated with lasers, which can help to seal broken blood vessels and destroy damaged ones.

We congratulate Polyphotonix for their excellent work, and are proud that we are a part of this, in our development of their business support software supporting the process of ordering, manufacturing, programming, dispatching and data recovery of results from the use of the masks.

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