Joint Galileo Project

AES Digital Solutions of Billingham in the NE UK and Exelia Technologies Ltd of Nicosia, Cyprus have formed an Innovation Partnership to develop High-Tech Smartphone Apps. Their first App will be for the EU Galileo Satellite project and it will make use of the very high accuracy of the Galileo GNSS.

The EU Galileo Satellite Network is a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) which went live in 2016, was created through the European GNSS Agency (GSA). Its headquarters are based in Prague in the Czech Republic. It has been named after the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei.

The Galileo system provides an independent high-precision positioning system which improves on the U.S. GPS less used Russian GLONASS systems. Galileo is intended to provide both horizontal and vertical position measurements to a precision of 1 metre.

AES is well known in the UK and is a global exporter of software for many different purposes and to many countries. Currently AES’s Managing Director, Lesley Moody MBE is also President of the North East Chamber of Commerce, and sees international partnerships as a positive way to achieve shared goals.

Exelia Technologies Ltd is a Cyprus based company which develops App based solutions which use artificial intelligence (Ai). Managing Director Margarita Maimonis said today, that she felt the partnership between AES and Exelia would provide both businesses with increased opportunities around the world.

As well as developing a GNSS App for both IOS and Android, the team are actively working to find interested local councils in the UK and Cyprus who might act as case studies for the App in development. These case study councils will be able to provide apps to their community who can then collaborate on improving the facilities around their towns. To find out more please contact: AES on +44 1642 366660 (UK) and Exelia on +357 22256161 (Cyprus).