New Options for FMS

Find out more about the new ways that businesses are looking to use our Formula Management System.

FMS 2020 supplies all the tools developers need to create and maintain products quickly and efficiently. The advantage of using FMS 2020 is that recipes or formulations developed in one site can match the requirements of your customers across all your manufacturing sites. It allows your staff to consider the availability of raw materials, and to version formulas for different locations bearing in mind available raw materials and any regulatory issues that they are aware of.

Many of our customers use the FMS system to manage food or flavour formulations, but it seems that the FMS is capable of much more.

Have you thought about using it as a way to formulate colours, for a range of applications, such as for food colours, or for printer inks, or even for paints?

We also recently had an enquiry about using FMS for recording the bill of materials for electronic components in a manufactured sub system. FMS can record multiple sub systems with components varying by cost, quality or geographical location. It can then provide a formulation for combining sub systems and managing the build of the finished product. This could combine a number of technologies.

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