Content Managed Websites Vs. Static Websites. Better for your business?

Websites are a vital part of any business, but now more than ever the type of website you have is becoming increasingly important with a very competitive marketplace. This blog looks at the two main types of websites, Static Websites and Content Managed Websites.

Everyone has experienced the frustration of wanting to change something on your website but not being able to do it straight away, right? Somebody has to do it for you, they take an age to do it and even better, it costs you money, by the time they are done you need to make another change. This is where the Content Managed Websites come into their own as you make as many in house updates as you like. No relying on other people and best of all no added cost.

Standard Static Websites are widely used because they are seen to be cheap and easy to manage, however in a lot of cases this could not be further from the truth. Static Websites can be cheap to get up and running but when changes need to be made they can be very costly and take up precious time. On the other hand Content Managed Websites are set up for a one off price and the content on the website can be changed by you at any time with no hidden charges.

Click here to view a diagram displaying the differences between Static Websites and Content Managed Websites.

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