Moving Forward With Match-Jobs

Nottingham City Council have recently joined the expanding list of councils using Match-Jobs, by AES Digital Solutions Ltd, as their biggest defence against the budget cuts. Councils are still being struck hard with the amount of savings they need to achieve, making them feel like they are being left with no other option but to make redundancies. More and more councils are now starting to realise that Match-Jobs offers them a cost effective and staff friendly way in which to operate so that councils can meet the targets being set.


Match-Jobs works by redeploying staff internally saving money on redundancy pay outs and external recruitment. The software objectively matches candidates to available positions, based on the requirements of the position and the assessment results and/or skill sets and experience of the candidates. By doing this staff are always placed into positions they are adequately equipped to deal with creating a happy and efficient workforce.


Match-Jobs and Nottingham City Council have recently been included in the latest public service review, you can click here to view the article. If you would like any further information on Match-Jobs you can visit or or alternatively you can call us on 01642 366660.

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