Crisis Management

We’ve submitted a bid to INNOVATE UK, to develop a Crisis Management Redeployment system for Local Authorities. It aims to prioritise essential services by maintaining front line staffing in a crisis like the current COVID-19 pandemic. The CMRS will benefit both Local Authorities and their communities.

Typical essential services might include traffic coordination and traffic lights to assist emergency services, emergency repair work and health and safety maintenance to council homes and properties, collection of recycling and waste bins from households, ensuring a capacity of HGV-licensed drivers, crematorium and burial services, essential janitorial and school meal provision services, and essential health, environmental protection and trading standards services along with some of the new government commitments identified in the past days during the Prime Minister’s daily briefings.

Actions also need to be taken to consider the health, safety and well-being of both tenants and residents who are self-isolating, and for operational staff who are in public-facing roles.

Our proposal will let us develop a system which could be operated remotely by a small number of staff from a team set up to keep front line services staffed for the social and economic benefit of their community. More information as we get it – Please contact us on our contact page if your Local Authority would be interested in participating.