ER Volunteer System

As Aberdeen City Council move into their third year using our Matchjobs Recruitment and retention system, we are very impressed that they have modified the Interim Projects Module to become an Emergency Response Volunteer System. Volunteers can sign up for the service, and will get text messages when they are needed

Using our Projects and Assignments module, Emergency response requests can be configured. Running a match provides a list of potential volunteers for the emergency. This may be generalised or focussed and text messages can be instantly sent to the matching volunteers mobile phones to ask them to contact the HR team who can then deploy the responders.

Say a staffing emergency is notified at 09:00 am. The. match can be done by 09:10 and up wards of 1000 volunteers will have a request message within a few minutes. As soon as volunteers respond they can be allocated roles to cover the emergency.

This approach means that while Matchjobs can continue to support recruitment and retention it is now also able at the same time, to cover emergencies due to. staff shortages, because of weather, illness or Covid.