Escape Room Tech.

Well done Cluedini Escape rooms! With a great run up to Christmas both their Darlington and Yarm branches have performed really well. We’re looking forward to working with them on developing ground-breaking self maintainable technology to extend their puzzle capability.

We’ve been developing Puzzle technology for Cluedini using dedicated microcontrollers and these have been very successful. As Cluedini staffing is increasing, the Directors at Cluedini. Believe that their staff can manage to support and develop puzzles based on a black box approach where they operate a systems approach to puzzle design.

To do this. we are going back to our early days of AES when we designed and build a systems approach to electronics for British Steel to use as part of a schools High Tech project which ran very successfully across the UK for 5 years, until that company merged to become Corus.

One of our early project managers was a lady on a years work placement from university and working with British steel , She is now a director of the Cluedini group and. we’re looking forward to working with her on this project.