Start-up in the “sticks”

An interesting request today. “How can I get my business on line when I live out in rural Northumberland and can only get a very slow broadband to my farm?”Well – we like a challenge…

The big problem in rural areas is that sometimes broadband coverage just isn’t up to it. Worst case is that you could pay over £50 per month for phone and just a barely working internet connection.

If you get 1 to 2 Mega-bits per second (Mbps) then that’s poor. You can’t handle much in terms of online access. A large image might take 20 seconds to download or view in a browser. 5Mbps is not much better. Even in built up areas without fibre you might only get 10 – 15 Mbps maximum. Usually these connections are based on copper telecoms cables.

Fibre or Optical fibre cables need a specially designed telecoms box in the area and it’s the cost of these boxes that slows down fast broadband penetration. As they are primarily built by Openreach it will be a while before there is great coverage.

Our approach is to look at what you have, in terms of broadband, and what other options exist at a sensible cost. This can include Point to point neworks using a wireless system, or Satellite downlinks.

The most important issues is that the system works well, is easy to manage, and is cost effective based on what you need.

In a recent set up we organised domain, web-site, broadband at 40Mbps  connection, a phone connection and a server for storage and sharing secure documents. These came in at a very reasonable cost.

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